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73rd Annual New England Sanitone Licensee Meeting in Boston, MA

The 73rd Annual Meeting of New England Sanitone Licensees was held January 25-26 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, MA. With five-star accommodations and unseasonably fair weather, Sanitone Licensees from across the US and Canada met to network, discuss the latest industry updates, attend informative presentations, and enjoy some of the finest restaurants in the world. The event is hosted by a unique group of Sanitone Licensees who plan, coordinate, and execute the meeting each year.

The morning kicked off with Fabritec International President John Jordan updating attendees with the latest from Sanitone and around the industry. Highlighting the updates were reports from the field about successes with heated hydrocarbon and the recognition of industry awards for Sanitone Licensees Brothers Cleaners and MW Cleaners. Director of Research Amy Bartlett shared updates from the lab for future product development, including improved odor neutralizing power in Encore and static control in Sonata.

Boston-based restaurateur Garrett Harker then presented his keys to providing world-class hospitality. Harker enlightened the group with stories featuring “service recovery” opportunities at one of his eight nationally-regarded restaurants. Drawing parallels to the drycleaning industry, his tips for recovery after poor service delivery included: listen, empathize, apologize, act decisively, and follow-up. “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” was his final advice for the group.

The morning concluded with an in-depth look into Classic Drycleaners courtesy of co-owner John Gribble. Classic recently completed a $1.2 million renovation, vastly improving his plant’s efficiency and cutting labor and energy costs. As the majority laborer and designer of the renovation, Gribble was able to give very detailed accounts of the changes, improvements, and savings from the project. At the conclusion of his speech, Gribble fielded numerous questions from inquisitive attendees and led a very fruitful conversation, leaving them with a number of valuable takeaways for their own operations.

After lunch, Fabritec VP of Business Development Jeff Jordan presented an overview of competency-based interviewing in his speech Interviewing for Excellence. Focused on uncovering an applicant’s true skill level, competency-based interviewing aims to reduce inconsistent or poor interviewing practices and instead produce top-quality hires. Following Jeff was Jim Phelps of Kendall Capital, sharing with the group the why’s and how’s for evaluating your business’ worth. Jim highlighted methodologies for calculating its true value, as well as clarifying the “nice to know” and “need to know” factors.

The presentations concluded with Dave Troemel from Be Creative 360 bringing insight to the confusing world of online reviews and reputations. In partnership with Kona Cleaners in Orange, CA, Dave shared their case study of how they improved their revenue by focusing on improving their online reputation. His takeaways included asking your top customers for reviews and being quick and courteous with your response, a theme he shared with Garrett Harker at his restaurants.

The meeting was book-ended by two social events at the Boston Four Seasons that allowed Sanitone Licensees and special guests to network and share insights. As one attendee said, “the presentations are fantastic, but networking with the top cleaners from across the country is even more valuable!” The Annual Meeting of New England Sanitone Licensees takes place at the end of January each year and is open at all Sanitone Licensees.

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