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Fabritec International Visits IDC 2015 in Osaka, Japan

The 2015 International Drycleaners Congress (IDC) kicked off on September 13th in Osaka, Japan to a healthy crowd of international guests eager to share and discuss the state of the drycleaning industry. The Japan Cleaning Productivity Council (JCPC) and Sankosha served as wonderful hosts for our visit as we attended a variety of presentations, plant tours, and dined on Japanese cuisine.

During the Congress, the JCPC pointed to the U.S. as a great contributor to the rise of the Japanese textile cleaning industry. This theme of shared efforts resonated throughout the week and updates from around the world revealed similar challenges and outlooks in each market. Case studies of business strategies ranging from one price cleaning to high end luxury services indicated that execution of a strong plan can result in great success.

The overall message regarding the future of the textile care industry was clear: owners and operators who are innovative with their marketing and business concept can continue to be successful and attract the ever-important Millennials. The shift towards technology-driven on-demand service requires action from drycleaners if they want to capture market share in a slow industry. Associations such as the IDC provide good insight and networking with forward-thinking individuals that can help navigate these new waters.

Taking a break from business, our Japanese hosts treated us to displays of their rich culture as well as modern wonders. Highlights included a tour of a Japanese Sake Museum, a Kobe Beef lunch in the city that shares its namesake, a ride on the Bullet Train, and sightseeing at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace and Sensoji Temple. The IDC Gala Dinner featured Kagami-biraki, a celebratory event in which the lid of the sake barrel is broken open by a wooden mallet, and mochitsuki, a tradition of pounding rice into paste and molding it to be consumed.

We hope to see everyone at the next IDC event!

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