Sanitone: Not Just Soap. Solutions.

The Sanitone Difference

What is Sanitone?

In order to become a Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner, qualified Cleaners must become a Licensee by signing an agreement, purchase Sanitone products, and adhere to rigid standards of the Sanitone Cleaning Process.

Why should you consider Sanitone?
More drycleaners are competing for the consumer's disposable dollar today than ever before. It is vital that you maintain your present customer's loyalty and attract new customers. Having a good location and offering many services is important, but equally significant is setting your operation apart from the competition – in your cleaning room, at the counter, and in the way you advertise and promote your business.

Whatever detergent you are currently using, your competitors can use the same one and achieve the same results. Furthermore, your competitors can also buy, or be given, the same call office posters, counter pamphlets, etc. available to the industry in general. That’s because all vendors in the industry, except Sanitone, will sell their products to anyone… even your competition. Sanitone is selectively sold to independent drycleaners around the world. Sanitone can help you protect your business investment against both present and new competitors.

What exactly is Sanitone?
Sanitone is a superior drycleaning system unique to the industry in concept and chemical composition. The Sanitone system will consistently produce superior drycleaning, easily, safely, and economically.

Sanitone is also an image-building marketing program that helps you achieve greater consumer recognition for your drycleaning services.

How does the cleaning process work?
Sanitone’s proprietary cationic detergent is added to each load process based on load weight. One ounce of detergent is added per every 5 pounds of garment weight. This is the simplest and safest drycleaning process and provides consistent cleaning load after load. Fabrics cleaned in the Sanitone process exhibit a soft hand, bright whites and colors, and improved drape.

What is different about Sanitone detergent?
Sanitone detergent is substantive in nature, which means it rapidly absorbed by the garments. You will immediately notice a soft “hand” (feel) to the garments, as well as a clean smell. Since the precise amount of detergent is added to each load, measuring cups and soap test kits are not necessary.

What about adding moisture to the system?
Some moisture is needed in any drycleaning system to remove water-soluble soil. If no moisture is present, then reruns occur and/or spots pop up on the press. Sanitone has the optimal amount of moisture blended in with the detergent to give exceptional water-soluble soil removal, thereby eliminating the labor-intensive chore of water-based pre-spotting.

How is the detergent added?
Through an extremely reliable and precise injection system supplied by us. The operator sets the detergent control based on the load's weight and pushes a button. For added simplicity, the detergent is pumped directly from the detergent drum into the system.

What about pre-spotting?
General pre-spotting can be eliminated if Sanitone's cleaning procedures are properly followed. With the Sanitone process, the washer, proper solvent flow, proper running times and the proper use of detergent do the work. Generally, excessive or improper pre-spotting can cause more harm than good. Only garments with excessive stains or with certain stains such as tar, ink, lipstick should be set aside for pre-spotting.

What about distillation?
The amount of distillation you do effects garment brightness and cleanliness. Sanitone recommends that a minimum of 16 gallons of solvent be distilled for each 100 pounds of clothes cleaned. By doing this, your working solvent will contain less than 1% NVR and have a transmittance (color) in the 80-90% range. This far exceeds the industry average.

Isn't this high distillation rate expensive?
In a charged system it is because detergent usage is directly related to solvent turnover. The more you distill, the more it costs you to clean. But in Sanitone's no-charge system, you can distill as much as you wish, achieve low NVR and high color solvent, with no bearing on detergent costs. Sanitone's cost is related to pounds cleaned and not solvent turnover, which gives you great flexibility in maintaining a superior cleaning system.

Solvent of such high quality, free of residues, high NVRs and stray dyes, will virtually eliminate streaks, swales and spotting rings and result in brilliant whites and colors.

Will I have more hazardous wastes with the Sanitone process?
No, you will have less. When using a charge system you will have more waste, by weight, to dispose of because distillation removes the detergent from the solvent. Sanitone's detergent is substantive (adheres to the fabric) and is removed from the solvent by the garments. It does not end up in the still residue.

Does Sanitone require special drycleaning equipment?
No. Sanitone works in all conventional drycleaning systems. Sanitone is currently being used with most types of drycleaning equipment known in the industry.

How much does Sanitone cost?
Very simple to figure. The cost per gallon, divided by 128 (ounces per gallon), divided by five, is the exact cost to clean one pound of clothes, i.e.:

cost per gal. = cost per oz. = cost per lb.
   128                         5

Comparing detergent costs involves more than looking at the price per gallon of one versus another. It is the use costs that determine the true costs of a particular detergent. Sanitone's usage cost is very competitive, as is our line of specialty sizing products.

How will I know if Sanitone will work for me?
We demonstrate the process in your no cost or obligation to you. You've got to be satisfied before you pay anything.

Your benefits will be:
* A more flexible drycleaning system resulting in better solvent conditioning not economically obtainable in the conventional charge system.
* Minimal pre-spotting, which is time and money saved.
* No staining or redeposition, resulting in brighter colors… especially whites and pastels.
* Fewer reruns from spots popping up on the press.
* A softer feel to the garment which makes finishing easier.
* An extremely safe and simple process.

What is the Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner Program?
It is a comprehensive program consisting of identification, promotion, advertising, and management tools, with the single objective of giving you greater local consumer recognition and trust in your superior drycleaning services.

Sanitone is the only detergent supplier in the industry helping independent drycleaners get the most out of their own local market potential.

Sanitone is an internationally recognized name. When you identify with Sanitone, you increase your own advertising effectiveness. When promoting your business and brand and at the same time identifying with Sanitone, you obtain a strong competitive advantage.

Whether you do extensive media advertising or promote your services within your call office, Sanitone provides you with an ongoing program of professionally created advertising and promotional tools. At the heart of the program are leading clothing manufacturers and designers who trust Sanitone drycleaning. These trusted names and recognized quality labels are an exclusive with Sanitone and provide a strong marketing message about your business that none of your competition can match.

Additionally, Sanitone offers the highest quality, professionally created promotional materials at such as reasonable cost that your competitors simply cannot match it. A Sanitone Business Building Advertising Catalog is provided to Licensees once a year.

Another exclusive advantage for Sanitone licensees is the exchange of ideas with other successful drycleaners at seminars arranged by Sanitone. Because these seminars are attended by licensees from many regions, you and your management benefit from a broad exposure to others with similar business interests. You leave these seminars with practical, successful, workable ideas that can be applied immediately to your own business.

Management Tools
Sanitone deals directly with its licensees. Therefore, you receive an ongoing supply of management information, technical recommendations, and promotional ideas from the Greater Cincinnati office.

1-800-543-0406 gives you immediate access to our technical staff for problem-solving assistance, plus access to the advertising department and product order desk. A wealth of information is also available in the exclusive Licensee section at

Is Sanitone a franchise?
No. It is a license arrangement. We license the independent drycleaner to identify with the Sanitone trademark through the Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner program. The license fee is $100 per year in the U.S., $200 in Canada.

Who is Fabritec® International?
Fabritec is the parent company of Sanitone and has served the retail drycleaning and industrial drycleaning industries since 1932. Virtually all drycleaning processes used today were invented by Fabritec including the charged system, the injection system, the No-Filter process, water-based detergents and the use of cationic detergents in drycleaning. Fabritec’s 3 divisions include Sanitone, Stamford® and the Fabritec Brand.


From this description, it is obvious that Sanitone is more than a vendor of chemical supplies. Many of the most successful drycleaners in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world have been Sanitone licensees since its inception because Sanitone has added a valuable dimension to their business. More drycleaners join Sanitone each year. It has been good for their business and can be good for yours.



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