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     Shirt Laundry Trouble Shooting Guide

Problem Description with Code Solution at right:

Dirty Collars
Check the following codes...



Lack of brightness/dull colors

Check the following codes...


Yellowing/browning after pressing
Check the following codes...


Color loss
Check the following codes...


Odor problems
Check the following code...

Stiff shirts after washing
Check the following code...

Trouble Shooting Codes

1. Check for proper loading procedures. Loads should not exceed 80% of washer capacity.

2. Check sorting and classification practices. Dark colors and potential “bleeders” must be separated from whites and light colored shirts.

3. Check water levels. Platinum should be run at a low level of 6 to 8 inches of water as measured from the bottom of the drum. Rinsing should be at a high level of 12 to 14 inches.

4. Check for leaking drain valves. If drains are leaking, detergent will be flushed out with the leaking water and further dilution will occur as the machine continually adds more water in an attempt to reach level.

5. Check water hardness level and be sure the water softener system is working properly.

6. Check water pH. Water pH over 7 and under 6 could cause poor wash results and problems with finishing.

7. Check chlorine levels of the incoming water — should not exceed 4ppm. Higher levels can adversely affect the enzymes in Platinum and cause fabrics to yellow when finished.

8. Check for proper use of sour. Use only a true buffered sour, such as Sanitone Accu-Sour, to achieve a final pH of 6.5. pH below 6 can result in a loss of pinstripes on acid sensitive dyes.

9. Starches containing high levels of Poly Vinyl Acetate will build up on fabric and cannot be removed. Use only Sanitone Crisp powdered starch or Sanitone Sharp liquid starch.

10. Check water temperatures. Platinum should be used at temperatures ranging from 120°F to 140°F.

11. Check washing time. Platinum should be used in a single suds formula of 15 to 20 minutes. If nets are used wash time must be increased to 25 minutes.

12. Use 8 oz. of Platinum for each 50 lbs of machine capacity (16 oz/100 lbs). For heavy soil applications use up to 32 oz/100 lbs with corresponding increases of a buffered sour.

13. Check for residual iron on the fabric which could cause yellowing and fabric damage.

14. Wet shirts left in the damp box over night may develop an odor if not properly soured.

15. Dark colors should be washed at reduced temperatures.