Sanitone: Not Just Soap. Solutions.

The Sanitone Difference

    The Sanitone Advantage — FACTS

The Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaner Program is a comprehensive program consisting of:
• identification
• promotion
• advertising
• designer trusted
• management tools
• superior products
• direct service and support
with the single objective of giving licensees greater local consumer recognition and trust in superior drycleaning services. Sanitone is the only complete program for drycleaners.

Sanitone Licensees receive exclusive access to the most comprehensive marketing program available in the drycleaning industry. Not only can Licensees distinguish themselves with their exclusive CMD status, but they can also promote and advertise their unique status with economical quality materials. There is no yearly contract for this service.

It’s simple. Become a Licensee, purchase our quality products, receive your Introductory Kit, and check out the many choices included in the Sanitone Ad System book. You can promote your other services, reach your current customers, or find new ones. Want greater profits and a better soap? There’s only one way — Sanitone.