Sanitone: Not Just Soap. Solutions.

Sanitone® Expert Laundry System

       Fabritec International proudly introduces their Sanitone Expert Laundry System.  

       Comprised of 11 advanced-formula liquid products and a state-of-the-art dispensing

       pump and controller, this Expert Laundry System has been engineered to handle all your

       laundry, wetcleaning and restoration requirements. From shirts to socks, linens to lingerie,

       delicates to duvets, wools to wedding gowns, and smoke and odor damaged garments, this

       system can handle it all. The System can be customized using up to 6 products to meet your

       requirements. Products, supply line tags, and information regarding each product are color-coded

       for ease of use. No more questions from your employees about which product to hook up and where.