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Wetcleaning: The Sanitone Way

Estimates show that up to 65%
of all garments handled by cleaners today carry a "washable" label.
And the percentage of washable garments will increase as garment manufacturers improve the washability of their articles. In fact, Sanitone research has shown that most manufactured garments – regardless of fabric type, construction and care label – can be successfully wetcleaned when the proper techniques, equipment, and chemical products are used.

The casual apparel market creates a new profit opportunity for drycleaners. By providing expert stain removal, professional Sanitone cleaning products and proper finishing techniques, the drycleaner is better equipped to wetclean today's casual garments than the consumer.

Of course, while wetcleaning may become more prevalent in the future, it will never completely replace drycleaning. But for the progressive drycleaner businessperson it can be a significant source of new business once the consumer knows wetcleaning services are available.

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