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Sanitone SIZZLES with Heated Solvent

Heated Hydrocarbon Solvent

In the last few years, Fabritec International has been actively involved in researching the effect of cleaning garments in heated hydrocarbon solvent. Specifically, cleaning garments in hydrocarbon solvent 30°F below the solvent’s flash point. Today’s hydrocarbon solvents, including synthetic hydrocarbons, have lower solvency power than petroleum solvents used in the past due to the removal of aromatic hydrocarbon solvent compounds based on benzene. These have been virtually eliminated from todays’ hydrocarbon solvents. These aromatics have almost twice the KB value of the aliphatic hydrocarbons employed today. You can still achieve excellent results with room temperature hydrocarbon, however, it is known that heating a solvent will increase its solvency power. Increased solvency power can reduce cleaning times, thus, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Based on experimental cleaning performance tests and empirical data, the following outstanding benefits of hydrocarbon heated solvent cleaning are:

The top drycleaning machinery producers are now offering this option along with enhanced features for Sanitone Licensees.

Today, there are a number of Sanitone Licensees employing heated hydrocarbon cleaning. Detergents they are using are: Sanitone Encore 8905, Performance 8916, and GreenEarth® Detergent 8870. For a referral please call Fabritec at 800-543-0406.

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