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Technical Tips for Drycleaners

Got Claims?

Save time. Save money. Keep customers!

Tired of paying claims for “mysterious” pin-hole damage or tears on your customers’ laundered shirts? Ever notice the look on your customer's face when you try to explain that it’s “not your fault” even though the damage did not appear when the shirts were dropped off at the counter?

Paying claims for such damage will not restore your customers’ confidence in your ability to successfully launder their shirts or blouses and generally results in them “voting with their feet” and quietly going somewhere else—to your competitor.

These types of damages are caused by loss of tensile strength to cotton fibers as a result of using inexpensive, high-pH (alkaline) laundry products, strong bleaches and non-buffered sours.

Switching to Platinum® or Platinum® EXP with Smart Sour for all of your laundered items will virtually eliminate tensile strength loss and the resulting pin holes and tears. In fact, your customers will get tired of wearing their shirt and relegate it to the “back of the closet” long before they will ever see any fading or wear if you are using Platinum, no matter how many times it is laundered.

Got Claims? Not Anymore!

Widmer’s, one of the nation’s largest drycleaners, switched to Platinum over ten years ago. Widmer’s launders over 15,000 shirts per week and hardly ever pays a claim related to tensile strength loss, according to owner, Steve Carico.

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